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6 March, 2021

Modified bikes are back

After a year long hiatus due to the cancellation of the Gilgandra Show in 2020, the modified bike competition is back.

By Telden Nelson

Graeme Burrell is encouraging the Gilgandra community and beyond to get cracking on their modified bikes for this year’s Gilgandra Show.

The Gilgandra Show has been confirmed as good to go for 2021 and with it comes a chance to try your mechanical ingenuity against other likeminded tinkerers and maybe win $200 while you’re at it. The modified bike competition is back once again, and organiser Graeme Burrell has brought out one his own creations to help get the creative juices flowing.

“I’ve brought the banner bike down to Rohr’s so that people can come have a look at it and get them thinking about building their own,” said Mr Burrell.

On the bike is a brand-new sign which Signarama made free of charge to help promote the competition. Mr Burr-ell said the competition is a good chance for parents and their children to get out into the shed and mess around with some old bikes that might have otherwise been scrapped.

“It’s a bit of laugh, gets the young ones active and involved in something fun for the show. It gets mum and dad out of the house as well, just messing around and chopping up a bike. Everyone is pretty mad on it, people that have been involved always want to make something different the next year.

“I took this bike out to Ballimore and showed everyone out there. I was talking to one bloke and he was telling me all the ideas he had and I told him that by the time you’ve cut the first bike up you’ll think of two more. Once you start cutting the ideas keep coming at you.”

All proceeds from the competition are donated to Gilgandra Multi-Purpose Service and Mr Burrell says he hopes to beat the total raised last time.

“All the money goes to the hospital, if we can make a few bob for them, all the better. We raised $280 for them last year and they wrote me a letter telling us what they bought and that’s just brilliant.

“Definitely hoping to break the record this year, we want to make $500 or more if we can.”

Mr Burrell will be displaying his own modified bike that he puts together, saying that this year “I’ve got something pretty special in mind”.

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