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4 August, 2022

Malvin returns after two years missing

A dog has been found after being missing for two years from his Gilgandra home.

By Emily Middleton

Malvin the kelpie was found on Saturday, July 30, crossing the Newell Highway. The passerby noticed that he was very skinny, had a limp, and when approached was very dehydrated and cold.

“We settled him, gave him what little food we had suitable for him, and gave him some water and wrapped him in a towel,” said Kassandra Hunter in a Facebook post.

After spending the weekend at the pound, Malvin was collected and returned to his owner on Monday, who was beyond surprised and filled with emotion.

Cases like this highlight the importance of microchipping your animals and keeping your details up to date.

“It’s always great when we can locate an animal’s owner swiftly and have them reconnected once again with their animal,” said Gilgandra Shire Council general manager, David Neeves.

“Without microchipping and up to date details, it can be a much longer process.

“We are happy to hear Marvin has finally be able to go home to his owners after a long two years apart, and encourage everyone to make sure all their pets are microchipped and their information is up to date.”

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