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13 May, 2021

Mad Max coming to NSW

If you’re a die-hard Mad Max fan, then you’ve surely heard that the next installment of the film franchise will begin shooting in NSW next year.

By Emily Middleton

There’s a catch though – regional towns are all gearing up in hopes that the blockbuster will be filmed in their community, as only Broken Hill has been named so far.

The Gilgandra shire’s very own Max Rockatansky, Hugh Beveridge, said it would be the ultimate dream for the filming to take place here. But he won’t be giving up his beloved Interceptor.

“I’m out here in Armatree patrolling the roads, so the people out here in Armatree need me. I have to get the bad guys you know. I wouldn’t want to give up that service. I don’t want to be called a sell out, I need to be on patrol,” said Mr Beveridge.

Bringing a production like Mad Max to Gilgandra would cause a great influx of business, with some concerned the commotion would be overbearing.

“We don’t look wasteland enough either,” said Mr Beveridge. “That being said though, I think it would be a good thing for the area. I’d be very happy if Hollywood came to Gil, as long as they don’t come here and tell us how to live our lives. I’m a bit over the celebrity types telling us how we should live when they have zero knowledge of the real world,” said Mr Beveridge.

When asked why the Gilgandra shire should be picked above others, Mr Beveridge was quick to answer.

“I won’t make fun of the shire roads, but they are a little bit 1970s if you say, like old-school roads. Tongue in cheek. Although some might say that Berida-Bullagreen Road is too smooth, it is in very good condition at the moment I will say that, and it would be great for a chase scene I reckon,” said Mr Beveridge.

“They can film a chase scene, and then all the bad guys can meet at the Armatree Pub.”

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