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11 April, 2023

Looking the part; local firies’ come out on top

Next time a bushfire threatens, locals can take com- fort that, not only are our firies equipped with the best of training, they will also look the part!

By Emily Middleton

Gilgandra’s Rural Fire Service (RFS) crew recently took-out “Best Presented Truck” at this year’s Northern Exercise in Glen Innes.

The annual exercise consists of different scenarios in which crews undergo training and implementation over a weekend.

Ranging from truck maintenance to structure, gas attacks, electricity, and first-aid, the RFS crews come back equipped with the best of training and up-to-date knowledge.

This year’s Gilgandra team consisted of crew leader, Kimberly Roach, Alan Rowland, Adam Smithers, and Jayde and Alicia Byrne. With 10 varying scenarios across the weekend, the crew had a lot of fun.

“It was very full-on, but we all had a lot of fun and learnt so many new things,” Ms Roach recalled.

“There were over 300 people competing, and we were one of four crews that won best presented truck.”

The crew won a $500 truck wash kit for their fine presentation efforts.

“We had done a truck maintenance scenario, which included cleaning the air filter, etc, and we were one of the ones that were spot-on,” she said.

“We have had the truck for five years, so she’s not a young truck. She’s been to many different fires and done a fair few kilometres.

“So, we did very well and everyone should be extremely proud of themselves,” Ms Roach explained. The Gilgandra RFS crew also took-out the “best crew

award” two years ago, and decided it was a generous gesture, to give another team a go this year. “We let them have it this year, but fingers crossed for next!” Ms Roach smiled 

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