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26 June, 2023

Living out the bucket list dream

Ecstatic to be living out his ‘bucket list’ dream, Victorian horse trainer Julien Welsh has been travelling Australia with his two horses, his dog, and a carriage.

By Emily Middleton

Starting from his hometown just outside of Melbourne, Mr Welsh is on his way north, with Rockhampton as the final destination.

“I’m just doing a trip that’s been on the bucket list for quite a few years, and just having a little break from the mainstream. My main aim is to just slow down,” explained Mr Welsh.

“And there’s no better way to see the country than on horse and carriage.”

Mr Welsh stopped in Gilgandra for four days last week, to give the horses a rest and pick up a few bits and pieces. He says Gilgandra was a great stop for himself and his horses.

“It’s a great town, with great people, and great facilities.”

Mr Welsh even popped into Rohr’s for some horse feed last week. He stayed at the Gilgandra showgrounds during his layover. Mr Welsh is entirely self-sufficient, but needs to stop in towns for water almost every day.

“I’ve got a swag, I carry all my food, all the feed and water for the horses, but I need to go through places where there is drinking water.

“I can only carry 60 litres at a time and they’ll drink that in a day.”

Hank and Dusty the horses, alongside dog Nookie, have all proven to be excellent travelling companions. But Mr Welsh said that hasn’t made the trip any easier.

“It’s not easy, it’s hard every day putting horses to bed every night, feeding them, watering them. But it’s enjoyable. You’re not on a timetable, and you can do as you please,” he explained.

“The best part is probably going into these small towns and meeting people that have been there all their lives, and listening to their stories, and what they’ve done. It’s really great meeting new people.”

Mr Welsh will meet his wife in Rockhampton where she will bring the travellers back to Victoria on a truck.

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