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9 March, 2022

Kimm Naden

International Women's Day

By Emily Middleton

Kimm Naden is the Aboriginal education officer at Gilgandra High School, and has been for the past nine years. Prior to working at the high school, Ms Naden worked at the Gilgandra Preschool for 19 years.

Ms Naden hopes to make a difference in the students lives, and many can already attest to this fact.

“It’s been good for me because seeing the students as a pre-schooler having all these dreams and ambitions, when they get to high school, they’re not sure what they want to be and what road to take. But I get to say, well when you were at preschool, this is what you wanted to be!”

Ms Naden’s role is to help students find their way and support them in the classroom environment.

“The ones that say I can’t do this, that’s why I do this. So I can help them realise that they can. Actually seeing the

change and having those success stories of students finishing school is amazing. Sometimes they’re the first in the family, or they’re extending their tertiary studies to go to university, or just being successful in life.”

Ms Naden has had past students thank her for the opportunity she gave them, and thank her for her support, countless times after their schooling.

“Seeing the kids I work with become better people in their adult lives, that’s what is the most rewarding part.”

Ms Naden wants women in the community to be strong in who they are and acknowledge their own identity.

“Just know that we stumble in life but that’s how we get through. We stumble, we make mistakes, but we learn and grow from that.

“Nobody is perfect, and everybody’s journey is individual based on your experience. Just embrace every opportunity that comes your way.” 

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