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21 April, 2021

Journalist jumps ship - Telden leaves us

Now that you’ve all finally learnt my name, I’ve decided it’s time to pack it in.

By Telden Nelson

Telden Nelson, former Gilgandra Weekly journalist. Photo by Jade Thompson.

Wednesday, April 7 marked my last day at The Gilgandra Weekly. I can say with no exaggeration, that this has been the best job I’ve ever had and an experience I’ll never forget.

These last two years have been a joy to me. In case you’re wondering, no, Lucie didn’t fire me. There was zero chance of that ever happening because I’m actually the best journalist in the world.

After spending the majority of my life in the central west I felt like it was time for a change and I’m moving to Albury-Wodonga to work with The Border Mail newspaper.

After meeting many of you during my time at NAB where I no doubt miscounted your money or didn’t know how to access one of your accounts, it’s been a relief to have the chance to maybe change your opinion of me slightly. Now, instead of being the unprofessional yet charismatic bank clerk, I’m the guy who wanders around events harassing people for photos.

At the beginning of my time with the paper I had a few representatives from local sporting clubs ask me if I wanted to come down and a have a bit of a run, all of which I politely declined. For me, that is the greatest gift I could have bestowed upon the beautiful town of Gilgandra; staying away from your sports teams. Of my many natural gifts (handsome, tanned, great hair, muscular, handsome, looking great in shorts), athletic ability was not one of them. Even if I didn’t get a single run all year with the Panthers, I can guarantee I would have injured the three best players on the team in training somehow.

It really has been the greatest of pleasures working in Gilgandra and getting to know everybody here. I’ve been taught a lot of great life lessons working with this community and they’re things that will stick with me for life, both personally and professionally.

This isn’t the last you’ll see of me though; I’ll be back for Christmas or some other holiday because after all I am related to half the town. Thankfully, no one ever really held that against me.

So, this is farewell from Tom, Sheldon, Ted, Telfed, Tilten, Coben. Korben, Don, Teleon, Declan, Togan, Telgen, Teflon, Teldin, Teldan, Celden, Teledan, Telven, John, Kelden, Kelvin, Tentem, Totem, Kayden, Tayden, Toden and Telden.

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