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1 September, 2020

It’s Goat to Be Frank and Geri’s

Gilgandra local Deb Hall is at the forefront of sustainable cosmetics, launching her new goat tallow skincare line Frank and Geri’s. Named after the two key essential oils, frankincense and geranium, the line is believed to be Australia’s first goat-tallow skincare product.

Frank and Geri's

“There are plenty of goat’s milk-based products, but there are no other products I can find on the internet that are made of goat tallow,” said Ms Hall.

The local businesswoman recently had the opportunity to perform a trial for the product through Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA). Ms Hall said the results were extremely encouraging.

“We did a trial with MLA a few months ago and we had about 140 participants. The feedback was phenomenal, around about 90 per cent of the participants considered it a high-quality skin product. That was even from people who hadn’t used a goat-based product before.” Ms Hall said that after years of working in health stores she was excited to make her own organic, natural product.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own business and it’s exciting to be able to make the sort of product that I’ve always been looking for. A lot of natural and organic products have ingredients in them that can cause irritation and a lot of them are potentially hazardous.

“It’s really sustainable, if I weren’t purchasing the tallow, it would just be thrown out. So, it’s using a waste product to make a high-quality skin care product.”

The idea came for the product line came from Collie goat farmers Jo and Craig Stewart (The Gourmet Goat Lady) wanting to make their own business more sustainable and reduce waste. “Mr and Mrs Stewart were looking to do something with the tallow and it just evolved from there. I like all things natural and there was a way for me to make a skincare product myself that had minimal ingredients in it. That’s what really piqued my interest.”

Ms Hall said that she chose to base the products off of frankincense and geranium because of their healing properties and their suitability for dry skin. She also said she got the name from her habit of abbreviating ingredient names. “Geranium is very good for the skin, it’s very good for oil balance. For dry skin it’s suitable, it helps soothe the dryness and it also helps balance out oily skin. Frankincense has amazing healing properties, I reckon it should be in everything. It’s an ancient essential oil, it’s been used for thousands of years.

“When I was writing out all the recipes, I abbreviated everything, and Frank and Geri seemed to be coming up all the time and I thought that sounded good.”

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