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14 September, 2022

Interactions with The Queen

After Her Majesty’s death, Australians have been sharing their stories, or their ‘glimpse’ of The Late Queen.

Rhonda Healey

“I was a child of Legacy and had just come to live with my parents Jan and Roy Raines at Ballimore. I was 10-years-old; it was April 10, 1970 in Orange NSW. I presented a posy to Queen Elizabeth II at the railway station. I still have the Royal Visit Souvenir paper in my office. It looks down on me as I make my jewellery.”

Richard Salcole (member of the 2015 Coo-ee March Re-enactment)

“I served five weeks at the Royal Palaces in 2000 as Corporal of the Queen's Guard, Senior Corporal St James Palace Detachment and Escort to the Australian National Flag. We were there as part of the centenary of federation commemorations. Was an honour to perform Public Duties and be part of the Guard of the Royal Household.”

Gwen McCarthy

“I went from Gilgandra to Dubbo on the train and stood all day in the sun at number one oval in Dubbo. At the end of the day, we were put in what they called a dog box on the train that didn’t have seating.”

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