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7 May, 2021

Hitchen House to be sold

The Hitchen House will soon be up for sale, with its collection inside also being auctioned off.

By Emily Middleton

The historic cottage was originally the home of Bill Hitchen, and the birth place of the Coo-ee March in 1915.

Over time the house became the home of a unique private collection and museum of war memorabilia, owned by the late Brian Bywater OAM. Memorabilia and artifacts from the Boer War, WWI, WWII, as well as Vietnam, the Coo-ee, Kookaburra, Dugaree and Boomerang March re-enactments are all found in the Hitchen House.

Ann Bywater, Mr Bywater’s wife, has lived in Dubbo since the passing of her husband in 2020.

The Hitchen House has become too hard to maintain and upkeep, and it is with great sadness she has decided it is best to sell the house, along with her husbands’ collection.

There has already been a public outcry about the sale, with support and a number of ideas tossed around by community members and Coo-ee March re-enactors. A long-term solution to maintain the museum seems, at this point, far off.

All items not owned by the Bywater’s will be returned to their originators, and items of significance to the Coo-ee March, the re-enactments and Gilgandra more broadly will find a new local home. The rest of the memorabilia will be auctioned off in June.

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