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13 February, 2022

Gilgandra’s newest citizens

Hema Henry and Princy Albert were two of the six people who received their Australia citizenship at the recent Australia Day celebrations.

By Emily Middleton

Being here for five years already, Mrs Henry and Mrs Albert are nurses at the Gilgandra Multi-Purpose Service. Both born in India, the nurses have found Australia a welcoming country, that offers good opportunities.

“Australia is multicultural, and it offers a better qual- ity of life.

“The government here offers a better-quality life, and life is much easier going and free. Plus, I feel as if I’m close to nature and mother earth,” said Mrs Albert. Mrs Henry explained that becoming an Australian citIzen was an honor, and that today (January 26) was a very special day.

“I was in the UK before Australia, and everybody told me that Australia was such a lovely place. Health wise, support from government, and even in the nursing profession, it is much more helpful here, and it’s much more advanced here,” said Mrs Henry. Being both nurses during the pandemic, Mrs Albert and Mrs Henry were thankful for the support of the hospital, for enabling them to continue to do their job safely. 

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