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17 May, 2022

Gilgandra Shire Library News - May 10

Storytime has returned to the library

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Twelve children and their carers listened to stories and there was singing and dancing. Children played and generally had a lot of fun at the library.

It was also the launch of our new ‘stories on the road’ collection, which aims to enable children to borrow books when they are out and about with family day care, day care or preschool.

Lego® Club

The wheels were turning Designs From Your Mind Lego this week. We solved problems, but also the wheels on our cars as we drove them down the library steps!

We had two exciting car challenges this week. First our participants had to build the smallest car possible. We found that the smallest size car we could make used a 2x4 brick which could fit a figurine, steering wheel and windscreen.

Once the cars were designed we raced them across a table, seeing how far and straight we could drive them.

Our second challenge was to build any car design that could not only make it down the front library steps, but would also not lose more than five bricks on its landing.

Our builders all had different designs and completed lots of tests in the library before heading outside.

Some needed more force than others to get down the stairs, while others survived better than others. There was lots of excitement as cars crashed and bricks flew everywhere at the bottom of the stairs.

Next week we will be experimenting with simple motors to build a motor operated car.

Storytime, Designs From Your Mind - Lego®

Club and our Code Club are both free activities at the Gilgandra Shire Library however, bookings are essential with places limited. 

Point Blank Writers’ Group

Prepping cars to drive down the library steps. Pictured are Jack, George, Billy, Hannah, Oliver and Elizabeth.

Kerry and Colt choosing a book to borrow.

This teapot was donated to the society by Elizabeth Marie Bonnington (nee Strang) in 1967. At the time it was believed to be over 100-years-old. Photo supplied.

Gilgandra Shire Library News

Do you like to write? You are welcome to join our writers’ group. This friendly group is for adults with a love of words and writing. We have a writing workshop at every meeting, and we share stories and laughter. This month, we are working on characterisation the art of constructing a fictional character. Our next workshop will be about writing dialogue. 

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