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30 July, 2023

Gilgandra Shire Library News - June 27, 2023


Gears are an important part of LEGO®, however it is very tricky to learn how to use them! Our builders at Designs From Your Mind (DFYM) LEGO® Club worked with our sets last week, building various machines which move with the assistance of gears.

Everyone helped each other to learn and by the end of the session there were many working machines to play with and excitedly show our grownups!

DFYM is a fun program held once a week after school and is suitable for children aged five years and over.

The number of participants per session is limited, so bookings are essential.

Tech Club

Pentominos is a word derived from the Greek word for ‘five’ and ‘domino’. It is also a fun STEM game to play at Tech Club at Gilgandra Shire Library.

Last week we explored Pentominos, which are tetris style bricks but with five squares in each shape.

The challenge included fitting the specific blocks into a fixed shape, with no gaps or overlapping. This game teaches maths skills as well as spatial awareness and is very tricky and fun.

Tech Club is a fun, free program that runs once a week after school, and is suitable for children aged eight to 12 years.

Storytime and Baby Rhymetime

Thank you to all the lovely par- ents, carers and children who came to the library last week for Storytime and Baby Rhymetime.

Our next Storytime and Baby Rhymetime sessions will be held in the week following the school holi- days.

Library’s Holiday Reading Pass- port Competition

Looking for something to do dur- ing the school holidays? Why not enter the Library’s Reading Passport competition?

Pick up a passport at Gilgandra Shire Library and get reading! You will need to get a parent or carer to sign off in your passport for each 10 minutes you have spent reading.

There are 12 boxes in the pass- port, so once you’ve completed all of them, you will have read for a total of two hours. Bring your completed passport to the library and you will receive a special reward!

This competition is open to every- one under the age of 19 years. For children under the age of six years, time spent being read to counts too! 

Holiday LEGO® Club and new activity Engineering at the Library

The holiday edition of LEGO®Club will start next week, at a special holi- day time, with new challenges.

We will also be holding a brand- new activity - Engineering at the Library! We will be building a crazy chain reaction, marble run or ‘Rube Goldberg’ type machine.

It will be fun, crazy and probably noisy, but we hope to get all the domi- noes falling in sequence and com- plete the chain reaction!

Both of these free holiday pro- grams are open to children aged five- 12 years, and have limited places, so bookings are essential. 

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