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8 August, 2023

Gilgandra Shire Library News - July 11, 2023

Holiday LEGO® Club

Think DFYM (Designs From Your Mind) LEGO® is just about putting bricks together? Think again! During our holiday sessions, we incorporate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) into our fun games and activities. Last week, builders had to add quickly, solve engineering challenges, use technology to program LEGO® Spike robots, and use their imagination to create beautiful works of art. We are always impressed with their ingenuity and creativity.

Engineering at the Library

Our first Engineering at the Library session was a huge success, with a large group of young STEAM enthusiasts constructing Rube Gold- berg machines with a variety of equipment. Postage tubes, tennis balls, dominoes, blocks, marbles, trains, ramps, plastic bowling pins, golf balls... everything was available to be used as our engineering imagina- tions ran wild. Experimenting with gravity, motion and forces, we created amazing chain reactions, and had fun learning about engineering. Holiday Reading Passport Competition

Thank you to everyone who has picked up a reading passport from the library and started the challenge.

We hope you are enjoying tucking up with a good book on these chilly days. If you haven’t started yet, there’s still plenty of time, as the challenge runs until the end of the month.

All you need to do is pick up a reading passport at the library, and read, read, read. You will need to get a parent or carer to sign off in your passport for each ten minutes you have spent reading. There are 12 boxes in the passport, so once you have completed all of them, you will have read for a total of two hours. Return your completed passport to the library and you will receive a special reward.

This competition is open to everyone under the age of 19 years. For children under the age of six years, time spent being read to counts too. Storytime and Baby Rhymetime

Storytime and Baby Rhymetime will be held in the first week of term three. Did you know that reading aloud to babies and young children helps with brain development and bonding? And that repetition of rhy- mes and singing supports language and literacy development? At Storytime and Baby Rhymetime we sing, rhyme and read, and there is plenty of laughter and fun along the way. 

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