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6 August, 2022

Gilgandra Shire Library News - August 2

By Supplied

Gilgandra has some great readers!

Congratulations to all the children who completed their reading passports. It has been lovely seeing you all bring your passports back. Keep on reading! Reading opens up the whole world to you.

LEGO® Club

There were LEGO® bricks flying all around the library last week as our builders embraced the fun and excitement that is Designs from Your Mind (DFYM) LEGO® Club. The first challenge was to build an object from the real world that usually breaks, then build it out of bricks before actually breaking it.

Bones and eggs were the most popular ideas, with many LEGO® eggs breaking and ‘cracking’ all over the floor. Some builders had the ingenious idea to put items inside the egg so that the pieces spread everywhere; one builder filled their egg with mini-figure heads while another made a baby chick to put inside!

Our youngest builder finished a monster truck that he had been building for a few weeks and so this was used in our next build. We challenged the builders to make a bridge for the monster truck to drive over.

Working in groups the children took different approaches to their bridge; one group built a long bridge that spanned two tables, another built a tall and strong bridge, while the third opted for creative storytelling and created a bridge with a jump and spikes dangerously waiting below.

Once the bridges were complete, our young builder tested them out with his truck, attempting flips and wheelies to get from one end to the other. Amazing effort from all involved!

Tech Club

Combining artistic talent and Sphero robotic technology, our Tech Club session was great fun this week! Warmups began with a practice drive through a race track, with our Spheros crashing through arches, into Duplo cars and into each other.

To challenge ourselves we altered the aim of the Spheros, meaning that they would not logically follow our driving instructions and drove in opposite directions to what we intended.

It made it very difficult to follow our racetrack, but it was a lot more fun. Then, using a long exposure camera app we experimented with the lights and drawing function on the Spheros programming.

The library went dark as we ‘drew’ pictures with the Spheros and the camera converted the video of moving lights into a still image. We created abstract art, with our Sphero lights changing colours and shapes, before attempting more advanced images of faces, stick figures and words.

The results were impressive. Tech Club is now open to children aged eight years and over. We will tinker, explore and create using a range of technology, including robotics, 3D printing and Turing Tumbles.

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