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27 October, 2022

Gilgandra Shire Council meeting notes - October 2022

The October ordinary council meeting was held on October 18, starting at 4pm.

The following matters were discussed and resolved.


2022/23 Christmas close down

Council endorses a shut down of operations from close of business on Thursday, December 23, 2022, until the usual opening/starting hours on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Cr Bunter and Cr Mockler moved this.


Local Heritage Fund 2022

It was resolved that Gilgandra’s two state heritage listed sites, St Ambrose Memorial Church and the Corduroy Road be priority of heritage funding.

Council will be applying for funding under the NSW government’s ‘Caring for Heritage’ program. This will be for St Ambrose restoration works. This funding requires a ‘matched funding’ contribution, whereby council contributes the same amount granted through the fund. If successful, the pending ‘Strong Country Communities Funding’ will be utilised as this matched contribution.

Council will also be applying for secondary funding under the NSW government’s ‘Caring for Heritage’ program. This will be for Corduroy Road, funded from council’s heritage funding allocation.

The allocation of funding towards projects under the local heritage fund be

St Ambrose Memorial Church - $6000

Corduroy Road - $10,000

The remaining $3246 will be retained as a contingency for interpretive elements, such as signage for Corduroy Road, and other necessary works. Other applicants of the fund will be notified in writing of council’s decision, and encouraged to apply for future funding.

This was moved by Cr Freeth and Cr Walker.


Inland Rail Narromine-to-Narrabri preferred infrastructure/amendment report submission

Council has endorsed the Inland Rail Narromine-to- Narrabri preferred infrastructure/amendment report, submitted to the NSW department of planning and environment.

This was moved by Cr Mockler and Cr Babbage.

This is the report that was on display at the shire hall last month, and includes changes to crossing loops, public level crossings, and road closures.

Cr Mudford raised the issue of local roads running parallel to the proposed inland rail line. He stated that the designs for any future level crossings, whether they are for property access or local roads, should be designed and constructed in such a way as to allow adequate queueing distances so that road trains do not protrude and create a traffic hazard.


Inland Rail review and Port of Newcastle MOU discussions

Council has noted the federal government review of Inland Rail, and endorse involvement in providing information to the process - should the opportunity arise.

The council also has noted the approach to investigate a non-binding memorandum of understanding with the Port of Newcastle, and authorise staff to undertake discussions with a Port of Newcastle representative.

This was moved by Cr Walker and Cr Bunter


Local Roads and Community Infrastructure round one – Berida Innisfail Leeches Creek intersection

At council’s August 2022 ordinary meeting, Cr Freeth requested an update in relation to design and timeframe for improvements to the Berida Innisfail- Leeches Creek Road intersection.

This work is funded by the federal government’s Local Roads and Infrastructure Fund (round one), which was due to be finalised in 2021. However, ongoing inclement weather has impeded many councils’ ability to deliver all of the projects, resulting in the deadline being extended out to June 2023.

Council have said that the predicted continued wet seasonal conditions, coupled with competing priorities such as emergency works, makes it is nearly impossible to provide firm commitment as to when this project will be delivered.

This information was noted, and moved by Cr Bunter and Cr Walker.

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