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15 March, 2022

Gilgandra Red Cross news

Gilgandra branch of Australian Red Cross, first meeting for 2022

By Supplied

Our first meeting for the year was held at member Beryl Barden’s home, and was a lively and encouraging time.

We welcomed Marion McKenzie and Marion Cox from Eumungerie branch of Red Cross.

It was good to have these ladies join us as we have attended many enjoyable occasions at Eumungerie with them over the years.

It was pleasing to report that $650 had been for- warded from our branch to assist with the Tonga under water volcano and tsunami appeal. This result was possible due to members and a few supporters of our local Red Cross branch.

Members were advised of the efforts of Australian Red Cross to act for humanity, delivering support to people who needed it most in 2020-2021:
The COVID-19 pandemic

• 70,042 people in Australia were supported through mandatory isolation due to COVID-19 with 118,516 psychological first aid phone calls through the COVID- 19 TeleOutreach program, and 33,000 wellbeing kits.

• 522,984 people reached with COVID-19 resilience information. This includes 26,082 views of COVID-19 public information webpages, and 496,902 people reached through COVID-19 public information social media posts.

• 128,133 people on temporary visas or without visas supported by providing 97,793 emergency relief pay- ments totalling $51.7 million, possible through gener- ous support from donors, plus federal and several state and territory governments food relief to 44,422 people and casework support across every part of Australia.

• 44,422 people supported with food relief and case- work access every part of Australia.

• 554,026 people accessed referral information and additional support for people on temporary visas/no visas who were not eligible for mainstream government supports during COVID-19.

Emergencies and disasters

• 17,930 calls received through the community activation and social Initiative program (CASI) in Victoria. • 4713 individuals impacted by Australia’s 2019-20 bushfires with $82.3 million cash paid in 8687 bushfire response grants in FY21. As of June 30, 2021, $224.8 million, out of a total of $241.6 million raised, had been

disbursed or spent, see more in our bushfire reports.
• 151,510 people in 43 emergency events responded

to across Australia.

• 2429 people in NSW communities following record-breaking rain and severe flooding in March 2021, and $2.8 million raised through our NSW floods appeal.

• 292,426 people in Australia equipped to be pre- pared for and recover from disasters.

• 38,588 people received first aid training and 2884 people received mental health first aid training. Displacement by war, conflict, migration

• 141 cases of missing people were successfully con- cluded, with the whereabouts or fate of loved ones being determined, out of a total of 974 cases that were worked on, relating to a total of 2255 people.

• 1639 refugees and humanitarian entrants were sup- ported to settle in Australia, 45 per cent of whom were children and young people.

• 20,127 people were involved in Red Cross sessions building and strengthening welcoming communities for newly arrived refugees, people seeking asylum and migrants across Australia, including the schools-based program In Search of Safety.

• 665 working hours or 95 days spent monitoring the conditions of immigration detention facilities (largely remotely), during the pandemic.

• 181 people from 37 countries impacted by modern slavery through holistic casework, providing suitable accommodation, healthcare, emotional support, employment, financial support, education and training, essential items, connection to community, access to social services and referrals to legal and migration advice.

Lived experience in and beyond the justice system

• 1000 people in contact with the justice system breaking cycles of contact with the system and transi- tioning to positive, productive lives.

• 144 individuals in prison volunteering as part of the Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) across the country.
Our older Australians

• 98,994 meals.

• 41,067 community transport trips to connect older Australians with their local community.

• 181,710 hours of social support for people experi- encing loneliness, ranging from daily Telecross calls to check on their wellbeing daily, TeleYarn to connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples, social outings, home visits, social outings, group activities.

• 8590 visits to residential aged care or independent- ly in the community through the community visitor’s scheme. 

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