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4 August, 2023

Gilgandra Lions Club 45th annual changeover

By Tobias Ostini

The Gilgandra Lions Club held their 45th annual changeover dinner on Saturday, July 1 at the golf club. Each year they celebrate another year of fundraising and charity supporting the local community.

After two years as president, Mike Newstead stood down. Brenton Penna was elevated to the position with the changeover ceremony being performed by Tooraweenah Lions Club member Lester Thurston.

This year they donated a total of $7700 to the community and international Lions foundations. Their largest fundraiser this year was a battery sale raising $5000. They also raised money from Back to Gilgandra events, Christmas carnival, Christmas cakes, tractor pull, and a wood raffle.

They also received donations from the Tooraweenah Lions for assisting at the endurance ride and from the council for their assistance with guest speaker at the changeover.

Australia Day activities. Denise Quealy was invited to be the guest speaker. Roped in at the last minute due to a late cancellation of the planned guest speaker. She recounted her travels in Malaysia. We sadly missed out on some of the photos due to an unfortunate incident with her camera and a river but the photos we did get were incredible and the stories behind them deeply interesting.

During the president’s report, which Mr Newstead gave before handing over the reins, He outlined the areas which the Gilgandra Lions Club had donated to in the last year.

These included high school scholarships, Lions flood appeal, Gilgandra and District Cancer Fundraisers and St Vincent de Paul.

Ron Quealy gave the service director’s activ- ity report which outlined the incredible 624 ser- vice hours which the Gilgandra Lions members committed to the community. 

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