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15 September, 2020

Gilgandra High School's 2021 School Captains

The new school leaders have been elected and are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

By Telden Nelson

Gilgandra High School (GHS) have elected their new captains and vice-captains for the 2021 school year.

Rebecca Gaff and John Bunter have been named captains and Zoe Welsh and Coen Naden have been elected vice-captains.

All the students said they were excited to be made school captains and that they were honoured to be entrusted with the roles.

“This is such an honour, I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given and it is one I will cherish,” said newly minted vice-captain Zoe.

The new school leadership spoke about how they wanted to be role models for the other students and set a good example for the rest of the school.

“I have always wanted to be a school captain and I remember watching all the leaders of the past five years and wanting to be just like them. I want to leave a positive impact on the school, just as the leaders before me did,” said John.

With the school year being thrown into turmoil by COVID-19, many challenges lay ahead for the new captains, but Coen Naden said he learnt valuable skills during the trials and tribulations of remote learning.

“The at home learning process was difficult to cope with, however I developed more resilience which I will use when I’m in any difficult situation in the future,” he said.

The students all have strong ties to the community through their own sporting exploits. John plays soccer, tennis, cricket and basketball. Rebecca plays netball and was an apprentice coach for the Far West Academy of Sport this past season.

Coen plays basketball and boxes and he also hopes to pursue carpentry after school. Zoe is an avid basketball and netball player who also won the first senior sports person of the year award at GHS.

She hopes to travel and help those less fortunate than herself.

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