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13 December, 2022

Gilgandra High School students in the community on work experience

Students at Gilgandra Highs School have spent the past two weeks out in the community on work experience. Below is a snippet of what some of the students got up to.

By Emily Middleton

Layney Godber at By Banks

Layney has spent her work experience with Kate Banks and Kate’s business By Banks. Layney has a keen eye and interest in design, and has enjoyed being able to explore this during her work experience.

“I’ve been ablle to explore that aspect by sketching designs on the iPad, and Kate taught me how to drape a mannequin, which is another way to create patterns, and I’ve never done that before,” she said.

Kate reported that Layney was a keen and fast learner, and said she loved having her around.

“I only had to go through everything once, and she was able to take the reins and make everything her own which was really great to see,” said Kate.

Layney enjoyed learning new things throughout the couple of weeks, and said she was able to learn different elements of business which she didn’t quite understand before.

“I packed lots of orders with AusPost, did a lot of sewing, made a moodboard for my own summer collection of clothing, it’s been a lot of fun,” she said.

Chloe Mackney, Jade Elsom, and Molly Wilson at Gilgandra MPS

Jade Elsom and Molly Wilson completed their work experience in different sections of Gilgandra MPS. Chloe Mackney is currently undergoing a school-based apprenticeship at Gilgandra MPS. Each student said they gained extensive knowledge of their different departments during their work experience, and they learnt more about different career opportunities for the future.

“I’ve been doing X-Ray and helping the nurses out the back with the residents,” said Molly.

“I’ve learnt a bit more about anatomy, and how the machines work which has been really interesting.”

Molly is interested in becoming a physio, and found the work experience was able to help her understand more about the profession. Jade Elsom has been working in the emergency department during her work experience, and has a keen interest in being a nurse. She said her work experience has taught her more about the behind the scenes of what happens in hospitals.

“I’ve been out in acute helping ED patients come in, it’s been really interesting,” said Jade.

Chloe Mackney, who is completing a schoolbased apprenticeship at the MPS, has said she loves being able to learn how hospitals work, and how to run a business.

“I pretty much work all day in admin, and I get to see how to do customer service, how to interact with people with different needs. This is what I want to do when I finish school so it’s been great,” said Chloe.

Kate Woollams at St Joey’s

Kate Woollams has spent a week of her work experience at St Joey’s. She said she has had an amazing time, and it has made her consider teaching as a possible career choice.

“All the students and staff are really lovely,” she said.

“I have had the opportunity to do half a day in each of the classrooms, and I got to help some of the kids with their activities. The experience has really taught me patience.”

Abbey Millard at the library

Abbey Millard spent part of her work experience at the Gilgandra Shire Library. While covering books, shelving, cleaning, and completing computer jobs, Abbey found that the experience has given her options.

“I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot,” she said. “I wouldn’t mind working in a library, it’s given me options.”

Tyrone Manusu-Sandry at Gil Motors

Tyrone Manusu-Sandry has spent his work experience at Gilgandra Motors, and has loved every second of it.

“It’s been quite fun, I’m in the front half a couple days a week, and others mostly are spent out in the workshop, working on the cars with Jamie.”

This is an industry that Tyrone would love to get into, so has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“It’s made me want to do more, I’ve learnt more stuff than I would ever learn at school for mechanics,” he said.

“I want to work in the mines for Big Rig or go out and service trucks.”

His ‘employer’ said he loved having Tyrone around the workshop.

“I like Tyrone, he’s very efficient at what he does, uses his own initiative on stuff, he improves on what you’ve asked him to do. He’s been a great asset,” he said.

Zach Jackson at Gil Toyota

Zach Jackson spent his work experience at Gilgandra Toyota. He said he had a lot of fun, and the experience he got will potentially help him in future careers.

“I thought it would be a good place to go and learn some more skills. It’s not necessarily the industry I want to get into – but it could always change in the future,” said Zach.

Wanting to be a train conductor for the freight industry, Zach has found inspecting engines particularly interesting during his work experience.

“I’ve been doing things like general service on vehicles mainly, as well as helping other people do rego checks which has been a lot of fun.”

Molly Fairey at The Blonde Space

Molly Fairey (left) spent her work experience at The Blonde Space with Jules Marchant. She spent her time preparing for Christmas, and learning more about the hairdressing space.

Glen Hammond at Temple Electrical

Glen Hammond spent his work experience at Temple Electrical and Maintenance, and was all hands on deck installing air conditioners. Photo supplied.

Corey Kaltenbacher at Gil Youth Services

Corey Kaltenbacher spent his work experience at Gil Youth Services, assisting with breakfast, cleaning, and everything inbetween.

“The kids have loved having a high schooler to play basketball with as learn from!”

Kyzac Corcoran at Jason Tate Electrical

Kyzac Corcoran has spent his work experience working with Jason Tate Electrical. He learnt about the basics of light switching and electrical circuits. Photo supplied.

Madison Riley at Cooinda Borders

A lot of sheep work was done during Madison Riley’s work experience at Cooinda Borders. Madison participated in testing for disease accreditation with Gil Vets, flystrike prevention treatment on all stud sheep, checking stock feed and water, having a look at the ongoing harvest, as well as general maintenance around the farm and sheds.

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