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8 August, 2023

Gilgandra CWA Evening Branch News - July 11, 2023

By Hilda Newstead, publicity officer

It was a cold and chilly night on Wednesday June 21, as the Gilgandra CWA Evening Branch held their meet- ing at the CWA rooms. But once inside there was warmth and friendship.

President Rebekah Makila welcomed members and visitors, followed by apologies, minutes, and the CWA motto.

We have sent donations to the head office to the following places: emergency fund, association fund, medical research, as well as new sewing machines for AIM Ladies (Orana Region Filipino Australian Association Inc).



The evening began with our handicraft officer Brenda Yager showing us a Cricut demonstration with t- shirts, where we ironed on and printed the CWA emblem on a shirt. It was very popular to all our members.



Helen presented a fabulous show and tell from the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) conference held in Malaysia, that a group of NSW CWA members attended.

A total of 500 guests were present comprising ACWW Members and friends from around the world who participated in the conference held May 17 to 25.

The King and Queen of Malaysia graced the 30th edition of the ACWW Triennial World Conference, and the Queen hosted the Royal Gala dinner which was held at the palace.

The dinner was graced with cultural performances to introduce foreign delegates to the uniqueness and diver- sity of arts and culture in Malaysia.

The Women’s Institute (also host to the conference) displayed their beautiful colourful crafts at the Marriott Hotel. There were tea tray clothes and shoe bags craft- ed from flowery embroideries to traditional motifs of participating countries to abstract stiches and animal motif printing. ACWW comprises of around 10 million members across the globe. It was a very colourful world conference.


The Land Cookery 

The chocolate cake competition was won by Rebekah.

The Land Cookery new schedule is in The Country Woman magazine. At our next meeting, we will bring a marble jaffa cake recipe in the journal.

Happy cooking everyone.



The market was a great success with many travellers stopping to purchase cake, honey etc.

The CWA church service article and photo were published in The Gilgandra Weekly, and submitted to the Country Woman Journal.

Members are invited to commenced collecting jams and preserves for the Royal Easter Show CWA Tea rooms for 2024.


Organ donations

Organ donations dropped during the pandemic and debate continues about whether an opt-out system is needed to reverse the trend. As families have the right to veto even when someone is a registered donor. It’s so concerning where family have blocked the wishes of their loved one.

Seven people may receive the gift of life through one person’s organ donation.

There are also calls for new laws which would allow organs can be donated, in line with the wishes of the donor to when death is imminent as opposed to when death has occurred.

A national register was supposed to boost organ donation rates, however the data shows it hasn’t worked. Please have a serious conversation with your family to ensure your wishes are honoured and carried out.


The meeting closed at 9:45pm. 

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