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13 September, 2023

Gilgandra council makes headway on capital works

By Andrew Tarry - Local Government Reporter

Gilgandra Shire Council have recently exhibited their quarterly report on capital works occurring around the shire at June 30, 2023 (the end of the previous financial year).

The report details the projects under a range of categories designating their progress with corresponding budgets and costs.

The list shows the extensive work that the council is involved in as well as the completion rate the council has achieved across all projects.

In total, across the 83 items listed in the report, 44 have been completed, 17 are on target, 14 are at risk of delay and three have not been completed. There are five items in the report which have not been given a designation.

The estimated value of capital works is $14,045,625 across the whole council with $10,611,178.43 already expended by the end of the quarter. This equates to a completion rate of 76 per cent at the end of the 2022/23 financial year. There are some additional expenditures with the report, the $1,961,000 of “other road works” which are part of operational expenditure from the council and are counted towards the end of financial year summary.

The additional expenditure brings the total to $12,572,178 in works.

The council acknowledges that a “significant number of capital projects will carry over into the 2023/24 financial year”.

This can occur from involvement with external contractors, delays with materials, shortages in the workforce, supply chain issues can all impact the timeframe of a project.

Items listed in the tables with a negative symbol in front of them denote potential income from the sale of the item(s).

These are not listed as expenditure and could possibly provide income for the council should they sell the items. 

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