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12 May, 2022

Gil show glowing success

The 106th annual Gilgandra Show was held over last weekend, and with many new stalls and attractions, it was not one to forget.

By Emily Middleton

Introducing camel rides and dinosaurs, this year’s show had an increase of over $28,000 in funding to help cover costs. Local manufacturing business Ahrens, were again this year’s major show sponsors.

The show was officially opened by minister for agri- culture and western NSW Dugald Saunders, who had announced the various rounds of funding throughout the past year. "It was about underwriting all those little costs the show societies have, and given the last couple of years which have been tought, I just want to make sure show societies aren't running at a loss, and aren't stretched to much," said Mr Saunders.

He also acknowledged the farmers who might not have made it to the show on Saturday, who werebusy with sowing.

"There's a lot of people today probably on tractor, if its not too wet, trying to get crops in. I think the feelings around areas like Gil at the moment are of optimism, hopefully we've left COVID-19 behind us a bit and peo- ple are learning to deal with that in a slightly different way. So maybe 2022, the second part of this year,will be a really thriving opportunity.

“People need something to look forward to and I think with the weather, how its been wet, there's opportunity for great results for crops. Everyone’s feeling really happy."

The Gilgandra showground was a buzz with excitement, as visitors and locals alike enjoyed the competitions and attractions on offer. A highlight for most was the young farmers challenge, where young people in groups of two battled it out to see who could be the fastest young farmer.

Starting with jumping in and out of a swag, rolling it up and putting your boots back on, the young farmers tested their skills by estimating five kilograms of grain in a bucket.

The teams were unable to progress forward until five kilograms were reached.

After the grain was weighed, the sheep needed sheering, and the teams then needed to hop to the end and back together in a sack. But what proved the most challenging aspect of the competition was 'smoko', where each team member needed to finish a soft drink can of choice until dry.

The fun filled day also featured harness racing, monster trucks, comedy cars, and a fireworks display that could be seen across town, concluded the show. 

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