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17 June, 2022

Gil ambulance station gets an upgrade

Looking schmick in its fresh coat of paint, Gilgandra’s Ambulance Station has finally finished its renovations.

By Emily Middleton

Roughly half a million dollars has been put into the station situated on Morris Street, and with recent occupation of the house next door, the station has doubled in size.

“The house hasn’t been occupied since 2008,” said NSW Ambulance paramedic Scott Beaton.

“It was an ambulance services house, but because of all the problems with the bathroom and asbestos, it wasn’t liveable. So Ambulance NSW has spent a lot of money and took everything out, fixed the bathroom, and gave it a completely new kitchen.”

The house will now be used as an office space, and the station also includes a new residential quarter for officers staying overnight.

“There is the self-contained area, including a loungeroom, kitchen, bedroom, and ensuite,” said Mr Beaton.

“We can have periods where we might have more than one person off, and there are staff who travel from other towns to cover who will stay here.”

The renovations have made the function of the station much easier. More space and a cleaner environment is warmly welcomed.

“There’s plenty of room for everything. There’s a gym, a large storage space, and the asbestos is all gone,” said Mr Beaton.

“We’re all very pleased with it.”

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