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29 September, 2023

G.R.E.A.T Day: a Celebration of Literacy and Community

Gilgandra Public School (GPS) recently transformed into a hub of literary excitement as they celebrated GREAT Day, an acronym for ‘Gilgandra Reads Everything Around Town.’

GREAT Day at Gilgandra Public School

At the event, GPS students immerse themselves in a day of exploration and learning that spanned across the charming town of Gilgandra. The day began with students donning imaginative costumes, dressed as their favourite book characters, bringing beloved literary figures to life. Excitement filled the air as they prepared for a day of adventure and discovery. At the Gilgandra Youth Centre, young fans of the popular children show ‘Bluey’ had a blast participating in drama activities inspired by the beloved blue heeler family. 

The CWA (Country Women’s Association) hall hosted a captivating author talk that enthralled young readers. The author shared stories of inspiration and encouraged a love for reading and storytelling that left a lasting impact on the students. Hunter Park became the stage for a thrilling book relay, where students showcased their athleticism and teamwork as they passed the literary torch, promoting both physical activity and literary enthusiasm. 

Back at GPS, a plethora of enriching activities awaited the students. Paper mâché workshops allowed young artists to bring their favourite characters and scenes from books to life in three-dimensional form.

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