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20 June, 2023

For the young, and young at heart

By Emily Middleton

For the first time, Gilgandra Pony Club are now accepting riders between the ages of two and 80. Gilgandra’s club made the decision after a quiet couple of years.

Originally riders had to be 25 years or younger, and senior instructor of Gilgandra Pony Club Mary Markey said it’s up to each club to make the decision.

“Opening it up to older riders means more people can have more use of our facilities,” said Mrs Markey.

“The more people involved means more gear, more people to socialise with, and more grants to upkeep grounds.”

All riders who sign up will be able to use all equipment, including items for sporting, jumping, and dressage. Riders are also available to utilise tuition, and compete in competition.

“The adults aren’t able to compete against children, but where there are adult events they are more than welcome to,” said Mrs Markey.

“They can compete all over the country if they want. There’s not many in the zone yet, but each year if more people join, we will be able to build those communities of adult riders each time.”

Gilgandra Pony Club encourages any riders to give the club ago.

“If anything, you’ll make friends, and is a social place to be,” said Mrs Markey.

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