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13 February, 2022

Finding solidarity

John Riley lost his wife a few months ago and has found the change heartbreaking.

By Emily Middleton

He is looking for soli- darity, and has put his number in the paper, in hopes of finding people in a similar situation.

“I lost my wife a couple of months ago and I’m find- ing it pretty difficult. I thought other people might be in the same situation and might not have any family around here to talk to,” said Mr Riley.

Mr Riley’s closest family is in Dubbo and would love to form a support group of some description in

Gilgandra, who would be interested in catching up every now and then. “I’m just looking to have a coffee or something, or to find a group of people who can meet at the park or Johnson’s store for a coffee.”

Mr Riley thought he had a few more years with his wife and has described the situation as something you don’t fully understand unless you’ve been through it yourself.

Mr Riley is open to all ideas and hopes to hear from people soon. 

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