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4 April, 2021

Father Peter Tramsett says goodbye to Gilgandra

After over eight years, Gilgandra Presbyterian Church community have said goodbye to minister Peter Tamsett, his wife Ayumi and their children this month.

Ayumi and Peter Tramsett outside the Gilgandra Presbyterian Church one last time.

The family have moved to Dubbo, with Fr Tamsett taking on a post at the Dubbo Presbyterian Church.

After the Gilgandra service last Sunday, the family were farewelled over lunch in the church hall.

Ian McCutcheon began an emotional send off to the family, paying tribute to the Tamsett’s courage, apporach and caring for the wider community.

Mr McCutcheon said in particular, the past 12 months had been hard for the church and it was lucky Fr Tamsett was great with technology. “You have kept us all connected, and kept the church going; it is great that it is opened up again.”

Mr McCutcheon also said one of Fr Tamsett’s particulary gifted areas was his support and encouragement of young people, and the youth leadership. “We are sure we will use your gifts as part of your new ministry team in Dubbo,” he said.

Mr McCutcheon also acknowledged Ayumi Tamsett  for her youth work within the church and the wider community through her special religious education teaching. “Ayumi understands and works well with teenagers. She provides a seriousness that shares the love of God with teenagers and she has done a lot of work encouraging particular youth in our schools.”

Mrs Tamsett will continue her work with youth at her new post at the Dubbo Christian School.

“You both have made a really good team here and we are sorry to see you go,” said Mr McCutcheon.

Fr Tamsett reflected on the family’s time in Gilgandra. He recalled their first visit to the town, one hot Novemer day. He said the couple felt unsure about moving to the country from Sydney, but their minds were changed by the church community.

They were shown around by parishioners Roy and Deidre Duncan, attending both Gulargambone and Gilgandra church services. “We arrived a bit late to the Gilgandra service from Gulargambone. The church was full of people singing; it was so encouraging we almost cried,” said Fr Tamsett. At that time, the family was healing, as their son had been sick and in hospital. “A door had been shut on us, but we saw that there was people  to serve in Gilgandra, so that was it. It’s hard leaving now, but we came here to serve you.”

Youth leader Dan Robinson echoed Mr McCutc-heon’s comments about the couple’s committment to the youth ministry. “We were blown away by your level of active support and encouragement to the youth club. There is now a pipeline of children who know the basics of Christianity, and have comfort knowing what we are about. They have felt the love and support provided by Christian people. It makes us all feel like the whole church is supporting the youth,” said Mr Robinson.

Mrs Tamsett said she was amazed by the support and love given to the family since they arrived. “Thank you for loving us from the moment we walked into this life in Gil. We appreciate each and everyone of you,” said Mrs Tamsett.

She also praised her friendships made with church members and the joy of watching their children grow together. “It has been so nice to see God’s faithfulness in us. Thank you for walking this journey with us, and living and caring for us,” she said.

In his parting words, Fr Tamsett’s thanked the church community for allowing him to serve them. “I am passionate and sometimes I say things quiet firmly. Know that I have said those things out of love of God’s words to help and encourage you. What an opportunity you are taking as a church community, using it to speak to young people. I encourage you to look to God and to reclaim the gospel,” said Fr Tamsett.

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