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12 May, 2021

End of an era

At 3pm on Friday, April 30 a Miller Street institution sold its last snag.

By Supplied

For many locals, visiting 3D’s was part of the weekly, and sometimes daily, trip to Miller Street. You would go to buy meat, and leave feeling that your mind was just as nourished as your stomach was about to be.

Before crossing over the threshold of the ‘W.E. Morris 1921’ floor-tiled sign, you could hear a raucous chatter coming through 3D’s gauze door. Wes and Geoff, a.k.a Doog and Bulldog, were telling a good story.    

Countless memories have been made in that tiled cathedral to meat. And when asking locals what their favourite memory is from shopping at 3D’s, it’s hard for them to pick one: dome say it was the friendly smile from behind the counter;  the listening ear; the helpful cooking tips when not knowing what to have for dinner; being given a red frog lolly as a child when going in to buy meat with their parents.

Others said it was knowing that five o’clock on Friday meant that the butchering duo would be having drinks somewhere.

The team at 3D’s Butchery has seen many great locals work at Number 40 Miller Street, Gilgandra in various roles, including John Morris who was often seen buzzing through the streets in the 3D’s delivery car.

3D’s Butchery has been tied into our routines and our community, but more tied to us is the people who have stood behind the counter.

By Kate Thomas

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