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5 March, 2023

Emma’s beauty therapy and remedial massage service now open in Gilgandra

Tooraweenah’s Mountainside Beauty and Massage is now offering their unique, specialist beauty therapy and remedial massage services in Gilgandra, making their highly sought-after facilities even more accessible.

By Emily Middleton

This follows owner Emma Hutchison feeling the need for an extension of their operations late last year, opening the Gilgandra doors for two days a week from October. With more than four years’ experience in beauty therapy, Emma Hutchison now offers the latest treatments to people in the district. “My idea behind it all, is to bring the most current, up-to-date therapies to the central west, to rural men and women, so we don’t have to go to the city. “We can have access to what the city people have access to,” she added. A country girl herself, she said that the impetus for her training, was to help local people deal with common physical ailments, without them having to take recourse to drugs and intrusive medical procedures. “I was working on the farm, working in shearing sheds, and I got sick of farmers whingeing about their sore backs, so I went and did some training and learnt how to fix it,” she explained. Mountainside Beauty and Massage now offers a wide-range of beauty therapy and remedial massage services, including dry needling, cupping therapy, pregnancy massages, post-natal massages, and even infancy massages. “I’m the only remedial health fund accredited massage therapist in the area,” Emma said. “I’m a practitioner for pregnancy massage and postnatal massage, and also one for one-on-one or group infancy sessions. “There’s no-one out here that does that, and I’m happy that I can provide that,” she said proudly. Ms Hutchison also has a diploma of beauty therapy gained through The French Beauty Academy, as well as accreditation of a pregnancy massage practitioner through Pregnancy Massage Australia, and a diploma of remedial massage through Evolve College.

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