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11 September, 2023

Emily off on new adventure

The headline’s true – I’m leaving my role as journalist here at Gilgandra Newspapers.

By Emily Middleton

But I promise I’m not going too far; in fact, you might see more of me as I’ll be living here during the week. I’ve taken up a position as reporter for ABC Western Plains (Dubbo) for the next few months and I’m very excited, but it’s not without a bit of sadness.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Gilgandra for welcoming me from the beginning. I was speaking to a local resident just recently about how open and generous Gilgandra is, and from my experience, this doesn’t ring any truer. Since the moment I started at the paper over two and a half years ago, I was welcomed with open arms by what felt like the whole community, and I immediately felt right at home.

I received get better soon messages when word spread I was sick, I’ve been fed many times by lovely

lunches and mornings teas, I’ve even had the humbling experience of ‘helping’ a family during harvest where a ‘well deserved’ can of northern was gracefully accepted by myself.

Not to mention the time my poor Camry was dragged out of the mud by two wonderful men on an Australia Day. Thank you – and sorry again for driving on your property unannounced!

I truly am grateful for my time here at the paper, and a huge thank you to Lucie Peart for teaching me pretty much everything I know and for hiring me in the first place. Not to mention the incredible staff at Gilgandra Newspapers – Gilgandra is so lucky to have such a wonderful team providing the town with such a fantastic newspaper week in and week out.

It’s not goodbye - It’s see you later. Literally, you’ll probably see me at IGA next week. And who knows, I might be back later on? 

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