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8 April, 2023

Educating your dog: key to better work

Every farmer’s best friend can’t always understand what you want from them, but teaching working dogs the basics first, is often the best solution.

By Emily Middleton

Experienced working dog trainer, Gary White, believes that the biggest problem most owners have with their best farm-mates, is the lack of proper education.

While working instincts in a dog can often make the job a bit easier, not teaching loyal canines the basic commands, often leaves more room for mistakes.

“We educate children, horses, even sheep, but we don’t tend to educate our dogs,” Mr White said.

“Most of us don’t educate our dogs enough, and just that little bit of time spent with them, pays us back ten-fold when they’re on the job,” he added.

Mr White is running a working dog training series over this week, with Tooraweenah, the first port-of-call. Lessons will lead owners through various demonstrations and basic commands, “left”, “right”, and “stop”. Participants will then bring their dog in to give them a go, with Mr White offering valuable tips along the way.

While all spots are currently filled up for the local course, he is encouraging “fence-sitters” to come along and have “a look”.

“Every station has dogs that work sheep, cows, and sometimes feral goats, so the day is just available to help people out with training their best friends,” he explained. So, people can make the most of the days they’re out working and enjoy the work they do, and see less mistakes.”

He said the benefits are not only for the dogs, but for the stock, and the landowner.

“It just makes work so much more enjoyable and less stressful, when our dogs understand,” he concluded.

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