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26 January, 2023

‘Diversity’ of local art now on show at gallery

Showcasing a diverse range of art styles, the Coo-ee Heritage Centre’s latest exhibition showcased some of the region’s finest creative intricacies.

By Emily Middleton

Judy and Joe Shaloub with Pauline Griffiths.

“Diversity” was launched over the weekend, with a significant turn-out of admirers and supporters making the artists involved quite chuffed. Following the theme “diversity in style”, each piece on display is as unique as the next, complementing each other in the process.

Local artists Joe and Judy Shalhoub were two creators offering their unique and eclectic works on display including some of Mr Shalhoub’s larger glass pieces and a range of Mrs Shalhoub’s acrylic and watercolor paintings.

Guest artist, Pauline Griffiths from the Dubbo/Narromine area, had her paintings and lino prints featured on the centre walls, with each work offering detailed snapshots of nature. “I myself take inspiration from nature, and I look at the pattern in nature,” Ms Griffiths explained.

"So some of my print works, I’ve dissected different aspects, and taken inspiration from the patterns inside,” she added.

“For example, an orange is really intricate fruit in particular ways. If you cut the fruit one way you get one pattern, and if you cut it another way you get another pattern.”

Ensuring she keeps her art as local as possible, Ms Griffiths tries to keep her inspiration within the region. Venturing to a vineyard in Molong, she was able to pick-up grape leaves to draw creativity from.

“We collected the grape leaves from six variety of grapes, and would you believe that each leaf has different patterns.

“Everything in nature has their own patterns and their own shapes, the way seeds form in fruit, flowers it’s their way to survive,” she said.

The exhibition opening was well supported by locals and visitors and will run until late February. Ms Griffiths noted that a couple from Sydney thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition while they were passing through, and made sure to take a few smaller pieces home with them as a memory.

Artists who visited from Dubbo were also impressed by the Coo-ee Heritage Centre’s facilities, and look forward to using the space for their own exhibition in the future.

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