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15 May, 2021


The Harvey Norman produce awards for 2021 state winners have been announced, with Collie locals The Gourmet Goat Lady as NSW winners!

By Emily Middleton

The delicious. award honours the best and most innovative producers and produce in Australia, and Jo and Craig from The Gourmet Goat Lady are more than deserving.

“It’s a great recognition, there’s so many amazing producers out there, and it’s not just recognising us, there’s so many other producers and we would love to see other businesses expand into the same thing. So that people know the providence of their food and where it’s  coming from,” said Mrs Stewart.

The state recognised award aims to “encourage, showcase and reward Australian producers, build awareness of culinary regions and recognise fresh, seasonal food that is produced sustainably with passion and integrity,” according to the delicious award website.

From here, the state award winners produce will go on to be tasted by the national judging panel to decide the 2021 overall winners. Mrs Stewart is passionate about supporting local business, and thinks the award is a great way to recognise local producers and their effort.

“I am absolutely adamant that you should not buy your meat from the supermarket.

“I think we have lots of great produce in the region, and hopefully if COVID has been anything – it’s a wakeup call to people that you’ve got to use Australian products, support Australian farmers, choose where your money goes,” said Mrs Stewart.

Editorial director of delicious. Kerrie McCallum said “Although the pandemic still presents challenges, this year’s state judging was as exciting as ever. The produce that was tasted across all of the categories was outstanding. Australian producers continue to deliver world-leading produce.”

Mrs Stewart believes everyone who is eligible should enter competitions like the delicious. award, as more regional farmers and producers should be recognised locally.

“We encourage other producers to think about showcasing and having more industry participation. Hopefully, we can shine a light on goat meat, and people can realise there is more to goat than curry.”

The national level of judging commences in May.

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