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7 September, 2023

DA submitted for wind monitoring mast

By Emily Middleton

A development application has been lodged with Gilgandra Shire Council for a temporary wind monitor- ing mast. Prepared by Goldwind Australia, the development application includes information in regard to the installation of a meteorological monitoring mast, as well as a planning report and statement of environmental effects.

Goldwind Australia is seeking development consent for the wind monitoring mast, “to be used in connection with investigating the feasibility of a renewable energy project known as Milpulling Wind Farm”.

The wind farm would have the generating capacity of more than 1MW.

The application outlines that the wind monitoring mast would be installed on freehold land, located 18 kilometres south-west of Gilgandra. The given address is 1504 Milpulling Road, Balladoran, where the land is primarily used for sheep/cattle grazing and cropping.

The height of the mast if the development applica- tion is approved, would be 131 metres. It would have a concrete foundation that is 1.6 metres wide, 1.6 metres long, and 0.92 metres deep, as well as a concrete guy wire anchor.

The mast would be manufactured offsite in sections, and delivered by road transport to the site. An anti-climb system will be installed at the base of the mast to prevent unauthorised access and each of the footings will be enclosed with stock fencing for safety.

The development application has outlined that the installation and commissioning process for the mast typically takes 10-12 days, and would involved 3-5 persons. Once the mast is commissioned, the meteorological data will be accessed remotely.

Typically, within five years from the date of installation, the mast will be decommissioned. The anchors and concrete foundation will be left underground and covered with soil in consultation with the landowner.

In regard to air quality, the development application states the mast has the potential to cause minor impacts to air quality during the installation of the mast, due to “vehicle and machinery exhaust emissions and the minor generation of dust through activities. Any dust or other air quality impacts are likely to be minor, temporary, and highly localised. Impacts from the development are considered negligible”.

The application states that “The potential environ- mental, heritage and social impacts associated with the development have been assessed and are considered acceptable provided the recommended mitigation mea- sures are implemented”. 

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