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28 August, 2023

Coulton's Catch Up - August 8, 2023

Concerns about proposed heritage laws

I have serious concerns about Labor’s proposed cultural heritage reforms and their potential impact on Australian property owners.

The Labor government has refused to rule out heritage laws similar to the controversial Cultural Heritage Act in Western Australia which is now in question. Any similar laws would cause havoc in communities I represent, as this would require landowners to obtain expensive cultural surveys for basic activities conducted on their own properties.

Most Australians want to do the right thing, but what was proposed in Western Australia is overreach, and would have a hugely negative impact should anything similar be introduced in the Parkes electorate.


Labor’s BANANA republic

Under the current government we are, to echo Paul Keating, becoming a BANANA republic, meaning: Builds Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone.

The previous government understood that infrastructure underpins the Australian economy and invested bil- lions of dollars in highway upgrades and railway projects such as the Inland Rail. This government is a disgrace when it comes to infrastructure and needs to get Australia moving.

They’re waiting for the results of the 90-Day Review, but they should get on with it and stop delaying projects so necessary to the lifeblood of communities across the Parkes electorate!


Amazing effort for Macquarie Home Stay

What a great example of community fundraising - the Duck Creek Picnic Races have raised $40,000 for Macquarie Home Stay and I couldn’t be prouder of the people in this electorate. So proud in fact, that I spoke up in parliament about this last week.

People in the west know all too well the importance of the Macquarie Home Stay and the accommodation it provides for people undergoing medical treat- ments and their families.

About 28 per cent of its visitors are Aboriginal people as well as many other people from the Far West.

Where the Labor government cut funding options for this facility, the people of western NSW have stepped up to support this incredibly necessary facility so that it can now plan more rooms to meet demand. Amazing effort! 

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