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16 July, 2023

Community garden turns green

Gloves were on and enthusiasm was high at last months community garden planting day.

By Emily Middleton

After a long hiatus from touching the garden due to resources and weather, the greenery has finally gone in. After the plantings settle, the community will have access to many vegetables and herbs, including coriander, rocket, celery, broccoli, chives, lettuce, and parsley.

Community member and one of the garden instiga- tors Jennie White, is thrilled to see the seedlings finally in and beginning to grow. She says she’s looking for- ward to welcoming the community to enjoy the pro- ceeds when they’ve matured further.

“We just have to wait for them to grow a bit before we can harvest, they’re just tiny babies now,” explained Mrs White.

 “Once they get big, we can pick them, and maybe take them down to the markets and show off our winter crops.” For now, the newly planted seedlings need lots of love and attention. A rostered watering system has been scheduled for members to make sure they’re watered each day, and frost cloth has been draped to protect them from the icy mornings.

Mrs White was grateful for everyone who came down and helped on the planting day.

Tim and Nicki Loader were the brains behind the garden’s layout, with a few chuckles at Tim’s use of Pythagorean Theorem to plant the plants in a circular pattern. The Community Garden Club are hoping to have the garden shed in place before the Night Under the Gums event in a few months. 

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