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1 July, 2022

Collie’s Saturday soirée

Last month, musicians graced the Collie Country Women’s Association (CWA) hall for an afternoon soirée.

By Emily Middleton

Back Row: Daisy McKay (clarinet), Frances and Nicholas Evans (teachers), Evie Peart (trumpet), Emma Wass (voice), and Caroline Wilson (Frances’ mum - voice). Front row: Hannah Meers (violin), Evelyn Barclay (violin), Eadie McCutcheon (violin), Harrison Newton (trumpet), and Charlie Wass (violin - even though he’s holding a ukulele). Photo supplied.

Initiated by Helen Murray from the Collie CWA, the soirée was filled with performances from children through to professionals.

“We were asked if we could put on a musical soirée, and we thought it would be really nice to highlight and celebrate some of our students,” said local musician and music educator Frances Evans.

“We wanted to showcase some of the newer students as well as some of the more advanced, to show the growth students develop when learning music.”

To make the afternoon extra special, Ms Evans invited her mother Carole Wilson to sing with her.

“We were talking about music and it being inter-generational, so I wanted to perform in the same concert together. I learnt my love of music from her, and just to add that special touch, we did.

“Emma Wass who’s a mum also sang, as her children were part of the ensemble, which was really beautiful.”

The afternoon gathered around 50 audience members, and to finish off the day, teachers Nick and Frances Evans performed a number of duets.

“I think it’s really important for children to see their teachers perform,” said Ms Evans.

The soirée was catered by the Collie CWA group, and was beautifully directed with fresh roses and greenery, curiosity of Mrs Murray’s garden.

Ms Evans was grateful for the warm and inviting audience, and is looking forward to performing again soon.

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