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12 October, 2022

Circus is in town!

Growing up in Forbes, co-owner of the Harrington Circus Show, Camila Harrington, never really got the chance to go to the circus.

By Emily Middleton

“It was always in the bigger towns, so I always felt like I missed out,” she said.

Mrs Harrington and partner Kane set out at the beginning of this year to start their own circus, that instead did the rounds to smaller towns.

“We want to go to the small towns, the little communities, who might not be able to get to a circus in those major centres,” said Mr Harrington.

The first of a 10-week tour, the Harrington Circus Show is performing in Gilgandra this week.

“We go by the motto ‘we’re a small circus with a big heart,’” said Mr Harrington.

With five performers and two tents, the show is intimate, and boasts raw talent and skill. The tent is already up and ready at the showground, as performers continue to practice with the stage until showtime.

“This is the first time we are using this new tent!” said Mrs Harrington.

“We are very excited to show it off.”

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