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10 June, 2021

Churches Unity Week

One of the most wonderful yearly events in Gilgandra would have to be the Combined Churches week of Unity Services.

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For eight nights, faithful followers of Jesus Christ, Christians, gather together at a different church each night. Braving the cold conditions this year, family and friends came out to be part of how each church celebrates their love for The Lord.

The Christian churches of Gilgandra have something incredibly special; they can come together as one and celebrate their faith with reverence, passion, humility, and kindness towards other churches. They understand that the Christian churches of Gilgandra provide a place for everyone.

There are different ways to worship, preach and pray and the diversity and reflection of that was very evident. All of these things contribute to how each of them provides a loving church and environment for others to come and experience the presence of God and the welcoming love and open arms.

After a time of singing, a message of love and hope in Christ was shared. Each message reflected the love for our Lord but also the importance of loving others, our community and our family. Message after message we were encouraged, inspired and reminded of the great love that our Father in heaven has for everyone. We were reminded of our eternity, whether we would choose life, choose Christ and choose heaven or hell? Simply, be a part of the exceedingly great army of the Living God.

From sharing your burdens, being refreshed by the Holy Spirit or understanding our unity in diversity the messages continued to uplift. Reaching out to others so they would know the love of God, standing strong for Christian values and having courage and faith, we were all, night after night stirred. It was a timely reminder that Jesus still heals the sick, gives strength to the weary and breathes life into us.

So many people are trapped in a world where this is no comfort, no love, no acceptance. Some have never considered where they will go on the day that they die. Weighed down by burdens that they were never designed to carry, day after day they struggle with no hope. There is such a diversity within our churches of Gilgandra which shows there is a place for everyone. A place you can call home and find acceptance. A church to help you grow spiritually, to help you through life tribulations, a place to bring children along to Sunday School so they can enjoy a lesson or a game or time with other children.

The busyness of life, sport, family have all been great excuses to put church aside. Really, we are putting God aside. The time has come for people to return to the place that God designed for true fellowship and love, a place to find rest for the weary soul. The place where you learn how to fulfill God’s purpose for you here on earth.

Over the week we had the opportunity for prayer, whether that was for sickness, loved ones, encouragement, or thanking the Lord for the miracles that He has done. We prayed for families like the Mudford’s and the Purvis family after losing loved ones. We prayed they would have the love of God wash over them and strengthen them. We prayed for the youth of the town, the elderly and business houses. Prayers were prayed for people that have once known Jesus and turned away from Him and for those that once loved God but have now left church.

The general response was one of great enthusiasm after the big week. “We ate way too much supper but we made up for it in an abundance of conversation and after being out every night of the week, we are absolutely tired out, but these Christians are absolute champions as they displayed this passion, joy, kindness – they just love The Lord so much."

-Simonea Barden, Combined Christian Churches

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