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1 September, 2020

Cate’s Back in the Surgery - CC’s Is Open for Business

After a long few months away from work local dental therapist Cate Corcoran has reopened her own doors to Gilgandra.

Cate Corcoran and Jessica Suckling

During the onset of the coronavirus pandemic dental surgeries were forced to close. Just as the government announced that surgeries could open, the corporate owner of the previous surgery in Gilgandra announced it would not be reopening.

“Maven Dental is the corporate company that owned us, and they called just as the government lifted restrictions and allowed dentists to go back to work, and told everyone that they’re closing the surgeries in Gilgandra and Narromine.

“May 21 was when they called and we were all very, very shocked and there was a lot of staff they let go. We don’t really know why they did it, I offered to buy this surgery two years ago and they refused.”

Now reopening under the name CC’s Dental Surgery Gilgandra, Mrs Corcoran said that the support from  locals had been immense.

“It’s been unbelievable, my dental assistant Jess Suckling was on the phone for a full week; it took us five days to get through our list. So, we’re booked up until October at this stage. Even seeing people down the street, they would stop me and say, ‘please put me on your list’, so I had a big list. Every single person that was on that list has booked an appointment and if they had a toothache, I’ve arranged for them to go somewhere in Dubbo that I trusted.

“This community is so tightly knit, and they support businesses in the local area, anything you do in this town people are going to try and support it.”

Mrs Corcoran said it felt like she was ‘normal’ again being back at work.

“It’s terrible to say because your family pulls you together, but dentistry is something that grounds me and it’s my passion,” she said.

“I shouldn’t say that it’s made me become normal again but for the last five months it’s been a struggle, you don’t have your feet anymore. I haven’t stopped working since I was at university, I’m a person that needs to work.

“Getting back to work, I was so happy and I couldn’t get the smile off my face. It all came back, talking to the patients, the procedures, it’s all just engrained in my mind,” said Mrs Corcoran.s dental

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