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2 June, 2022

Bus operator helps local family

Local bus operator Langley’s Coaches have been praised for going above and beyond to provide a special service to a local family in need.

By Emily Middleton

The contracted school bus operator has agreed to undertake a slight route

diversion up a property driveway, to help the Johnston family because of their unique circumstances. The fam- ily was facing difficulty driving their daughter to and from the bus stop to get to kindergarten because they

also had to transport two other younger children, including their son Ted who has Angelman Syndrome. Ted’s mother Sarah Johnston approached Transport for NSW to seek a solution, explaining that three-year-old Ted is non-verbal, cannot walk and has an intellectual disability.

“Ted also has a sleeping disorder, motor, balance and co-ordination issues and life-threatening seizures. He has an excitable and happy demeanor, sensory processing issues and requires constant care and supervision,” said Mrs Johnston. “When my daughter Grace started school this year, I faced the added stress of having to get Ted all the way out to the shed and in and out of the car each day just to drive 300 metres to the bus stop at the front gate.

“It’s quite a task to handle at an early hour every day and again in the afternoon and adds a significant amount of time to the routine. Often I haven’t had much sleep and it is physically and mentally

exhausting just to put Ted into the car and get him back out again. I try to avoid it if I can.

“Ted relies on me for everything so it’s not fair to him if I am exhausted. He deserves my energy to be better spent on helping him to play in the back yard.

“From term two I am beyond grateful that the bus will arrive at our front door. This sort of practical support is incredi- bly kind and won’t ever be forgotten.”

Sarah Hansen from Langley’s Coaches said the company was happy to help.

“We love to try and support families like the Johnstons with their transport needs where we can,” said Ms Hansen.

“The diversion will only take an extra few minutes, but will make a huge differ- ence to this family, and we are more than happy that we are able to help.”

The route adjustment along the drive- way is not expected to impact the timetable of the school bus service. 

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