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2 July, 2022

Bungle’d Awards 2022

In the name of jest and satire, the 2022 Bungle’d Awards gala night was held over the weekend, with many familiar faces walking away with prizes and newfound titles.

Lion Tony van Lubeck won the ‘Lost Traveller Award’, pictured with Narelle Rodway and Kathryn Larkin. Photo supplied.

IThe official changeover proceedings of the Tooraweenah Lions Club committee happened earlier in the day on Friday, with the awards night as a celebration of the year that was.

The first award of the evening was the ‘Peacock Award’, presented by Narelle Rodway. This award was for the people who like to look good, show off, take lots of selfies, and generally strut their stuff. Brian and Sue Armstrong walked away with this award, after featuring in the Sydney Film Festival last week.

Next was the ‘Pigs Might Fly’ award presented by Brian Armstrong, for those who follow the flights of the flying pigs, and for those that launch them. This title was awarded to Kristy Coiser and Gill Foran, after they were instrumental in bringing the flying pigs to the alleyways of Gilgandra.

The ‘Elephant Never Forgets Award’, presented by Kathryn Larkin, was for all those people who can’t remember where they left their car keys, where they parted the car, or forgot their glasses at home. All Lions Club members over the age of 60 were nominated for this award, however for simplicity’s sake, Julie Prout accepted the award on behalf of everyone, because Mrs Prout never forgets anything.

The ‘Doghouse Award’, presented by Brian Mockler, is for those who have fallen afoul of their mate for one reason or another. No reasons were disclosed, and Ian Hutchison walked away with this award.

The ‘Screw-up Award’, presented by Narelle Rodway, was for someone who has, as the title states, screwed-up. Prakash Aryal was awarded this title, after he moved to Australia from Kathmandu to present at the National Rotary Conference of 2020. Two years later he is still here, in Tooraweenah, with the Lions Club.

The ‘Foot-In-Mouth Award’, presented by Lester Thurston, only had one nominee. Brian Mocker, otherwise known as ‘the mongrel’, delights in the quick quip or pointed remark, and walked away with this award.

The ‘Lost Traveler Award’, presented by Brendan Butler, is for someone who enjoys the journey, not just the destination. Awarded to Tony van Lubeck, as his navigational skills are legendary, once taking the longest known path between Warren and Tooraweenah, in record time.

And finally, the ‘Woodchop Award’, presented by Kathryn Larkin, was awarded to none other than Geoff Hill.

Overall, the evening was a huge success, hosted by the Tooraweenah Lions Club, in conjunction with various local businesses who supported with catering, setup, and venue.

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