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11 January, 2023

Bee-utiful bees

The benefits of beekeeping far outweigh just harvesting honey.

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The impact that bees have on food production and our environment is all encompassing, one that backyard beekeepers can all become a part of.

There is an increase in the popularity of keeping bees, however, the correct practices need to be learnt to become a successful and responsible beekeeper.

Good beekeeping can be a rewarding hobby for all ages, and Orana Beekeepers aim to share knowledge and experience with experienced beekeepers and complete new-bees.

The group regularly meets to share practical advice and mentoring support and work alongside new keepers who do not yet have hives, but have a keen interest in bees and finding what is involved in keeping bees. Club

members sell nucleus hives to new keepers and are happy to share contacts to start newcomers on their bee journeys. The group regularly meets to inspect hives, build frames and hives, conduct training days, extract honey, and work towards overall good practices of bee- keeping and reporting.

The group attracts great guest speakers, with previ- ous guest speakers including a queen bee breeder, a honey agricultural show judge, and a member who is an experienced commercial beekeeper who regularly now comes to meetings sharing his knowledge with other members.

The inaugural annual honey competition was also a highlight for members, with so many different types of honey on display.

Bee Happy! 

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