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5 August, 2021

Arthur Butler aerodrome museum in the making

Tooraweenah could soon pay homage to a unique piece of aviation history.

By Emily Middleton

The Arthur Butler Memorial Aerodrome was the first commercially registered regional airport in Australia. Mark Pitts, Arthur Butler’s grandson, alongside a team of others, has plans to turn it into a museum.

“So many people who don’t realise the history of the aerodrome and its serious place in Australian aviation history,” said Mr Pitts.

“It is arguably the most historical regional airport in Australia.

“These kinds of historical locations need to be really promoted, they are attractions for tourists – there’s significant need for Australian history like this to be preserved and promoted,” he said.

Mr Butler made history when he made the record-breaking flight from England to Australian in 1931.

As people are unable to travel internationally, this gives the regions even more of a reason to promote the extensive history each town holds, and Tooraweenah is no exception.

“This was a genuine aviation hub, which means it was a transit area for so many services that my grandfather ran right throughout western NSW and southern Queensland,” said Mr Pitts.

Mr Pitts and his team have plans to get power and introduce amenities to the building, so pilots who come through can shower. As well, the long-term goal is to turn the terminal into a museum, crafted by experts. There are plans to provide interactive displays where visitors can track Mr Butler’s flight, as well as learn more about the history of the aerodrome.

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