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10 August, 2023

‘Art for 4’ tent at Toora Caravan Park

By Tobias Ostini

The Tooraweenah Caravan Park has a new space where people can come together and create art, and owner Janelle Quilter is over the moon.

Mrs Quilter has always loved art, and even sells some of her work at the caravan park’s reception. With the desire to share her love with her guests, she has decided to set up some workshops to help people find joy through art.

She explained that ideally, a group of people come in and are all given the same thing to create, for example an emu.

They are all told to express their creativity, and Mrs Quilter loves to see how despite being given the same thing to create, they all finish with completely different pieces of art.

She also loves to see how while doing art, “people go into their own little world.”

She thinks that art is such a good form of expressing yourself and that a lot of people who are shyer and reserved in social life are much more expressive while doing art which she loves to see.

One of her favourite things to see is the people who say “that they don’t have a creative bone in their body” go in and come out with a beautiful piece of art that they didn’t know that they were capable of creating. 

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