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24 June, 2022

Alana gets scholarship

Year nine Gilgandra High School student Alana Elsom has made her community proud, when she attended the Harding Miller Education Foundation award evening last month.

By Emily Middleton

Held at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, Alana was one of 162 students nationwide to receive the Harding Miller scholarship.

“You get a laptop at the very start, so I got one at the start of this year. And then you get $2500 worth of tutoring each year for four years. You also get a mentor, coach, and she tells me how to get the best benefit out of my scholarship,” said Alana.

“You also receive a $650 prepaid card each year to use on excursions, uniforms, and school books as well. I bought a desk and a chair with it.

“I get a membership to some apps, which helps me with studying. And if I ever need help with homework, I can just go on the apps and they'll have someone online to help me whenever I need to."

The scholarship is for a female student in year eight going into year nine, in a public high school who must meet strict eligibility criteria such as high academic results.

“Miss Murphy my year advisor actually introduced it to us, and my sister did it last year when she was in year nine, so mum new about it already. We had to fill out things about ourselves, our situation, and circumstances.”

Alana is over the moon with her scholarship, and says it has already helped her beyond what she imagined. “I just can’t believe it really,” said Alana.

“I can do my assignments at home now because no one in my family has a computer, except we have one but its hard especially because I have siblings who also have assignments. “It’s just much easier to do things, quicker internet as well.

“Tutoring has helped me the most, its over zoom and it’s been really good. Plus, I can finally do my own schoolwork in my room with my desk.”

The Harding Miller Education Foundation scholarship is valued at approximately $20,000 over four years.

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