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7 April, 2023

Ahrens expansion given green light

By Andrew Tarry

Ahrens have crossed the final hurdle on their DA approval for the new silo manufacturing workshop, storage facility and administration offices. Council have completed the final consultations and negotiations with Ahrens and other stakeholders.

A move which Andrew Schier, local manager of Ahrens Gilgandra, described as “a step that was fantastic to get through.”

Mr Schier also noted the excitement amongst his employees as everyone is “really looking forward to the expan- sion,” he said.

The development of the new silo workshop will allow the manufacturer to double productivity. Andrew Schier is also keen to emphasise that the new facility “will also allow storage of silos in the new warehouse.”

This will significantly reduce the number of silos currently at the Gilgandra Showground.

The development of the site comes with many more benefits. It “will allow us to streamline the entry and exit to help with the logistical demands of transport- ing the silos to customers around the state,” Mr Schier said.

The doubling of productivity will see an increase in the number employees to meet the increased demand for work. Currently Ahrens employ’s 32 people with only five-six of those staff members working on a casual basis.

The significantly increased logistical and administrative burden of the expan- sion will require more admin positions. Ahrens will need to have a workforce of 50 staff members to manage the expan- sion.

The expansion also means that Ahrens will be looking to employ local businesses for earth works, plumbing and fitting out the administration offices.

At this stage the company is still intensively planning the first step towards construction.

However, with the DA now approved they are one step closer to a new work- site. 

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