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13 July, 2023

‘Abstracted’ launched at art gallery

Coo-ee Heritage Centre’s newest art exhibition ‘Abstracted’ is now on display, returning the local art gallery to a vast display of colour.

By Emily Middleton

Combining the works of local artists Judy Shalhoub and Liz Browning, alongside Dubbo artist Ruth Roberts, ‘Abstracted’ lets the mind run free with the flowing works of abstract paintings and mosaic.

Mrs Shalhoub invited both artists to be involved, to which they were both delighted to be included. Mrs Roberts and Mrs Shalhoub are both members of Dubbo- based group Fresh Arts Inc.

“I work on abstract all the time,” explained Mrs Shalhoub.

“It’s been a great experience to have them not display, something different to the usual.”

Mrs Roberts has said she has been painting for 35 years, and has done abstract painting for quite some time.

“I have done a few exhibitions, it’s my favourite thing to paint because it just comes straight out of my head. I don’t need to look at anyone else, I can just picture how I like it and go from there,” she said.

“I do normal paintings as well such as landscapes and flowers, but I love abstract the best.” Mrs Roberts said that this wasn’t her first time displaying her work at the Gilgandra Art Gallery. She said that over 20 years- ago, some of her work was on display in a group exhi- bition.

Mrs Browning on the other hand is a fresh face in Gilgandra, and has taken a different approach for the term ‘abstract’. Using a mixture of mosaic work and techniques such as ‘picassiette’, Mrs Browning has created a range of different pieces.

“There’s all different forms, glass, some made from pottery, plates and dishes. I’ve used the technique picas- siette, meaning the breaking up of plates and remaking it into something else.”

Only three years into the art form, Mrs Browning uses mosaics as a therapy for herself, as he enjoys her new-found hobby. “I’m grateful that Judy asked me, I didn’t think I was good enough. But it’s been good to put myself out there and meet new people,” she said.

Some of the artworks have already been sold. The exhibition is on display for another few weeks. 

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