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9 August, 2023

A radish-ing first day

The ‘beat’ was definitely turned up on Monday, July 17, when The Meating Place on Miller Street finally opened their doors for their ‘soft launch’, after 18 months of anticipation.

By Emily Middleton

The former 3D’s Butchery shop was pumping with community members eager to have a sticky-beak, try a new coffee spot, and see what else was on offer.

Co-owners mother-daughter duo, Gail and Lucy Babbage, have turned the century old store front into a café and general store full of fresh produce, a variety of sweet treats, deli meats, cheeses and not to mention gelato.

Customers were thrilled to have a spot to get scoop ice cream in town. Reportedly, a number of young cus- tomers came back three times in the afternoon to try the various flavours.

One local resident, Abigail Dobson, said it’s exciting to have another new place open. She was thrilled to have ice cream in hand, and a new coffee spot to sit and do work at.

“I’m a wanderer, I grew up in the mountains and I love to window shop and drink coffee all day and I think we can do that here which is so nice. I feel like this is a great spot to sit all day, bring your laptop, have a ice cream, have a coffee,” she said.

“I love that we’re now starting to as a town get a bit more happening. Everything’s happening, shops are getting a bit nicer. Gilgandra is very good at incorporating

the old and the new, which I think is really lovely.” The Babbage’s were overwhelmed with the support the town gave to their café and general store, and are looking for- ward to what the future holds.

The store prides itself on supporting producers from around the region, including gelato from Pilliga Pottery, fresh produce from Mick and Paul’s, sweet treats from Crave by Laura Michelle and Gilgandra’s Windmill Bakery. Lucy Babbage says she is really excited to be joining and supporting the Miller Street and Gilgandra business community.

“We think it’s absolutely amazing how much has happened in the last year or so on the street,” she said.

“We are grateful to the Miller Street ‘OG’s’ who have kept everyone fed and watered long before us, and we’re excited to be joining them along with a lot of other new and exciting businesses taking a crack.

“A rising tide lifts all boats - we think Gil is such a special place and with the creativity and strength of the local business community and council, we can put it on the map as a destination town for day trips.

“Let’s make Gil that town you drive through and you just have to stop because there’s so much exciting stuff going on!”

Paying tribute to the dearly department, and a nod to The Meating Place’s history, workers are adorned in butcher’s aprons, with framed photos of the previous shop owners on the wall.

One customer even commented if 3D’s “Dooga and Bulldog were here to see this, they would have loved it”. 

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